philadelphia zine fest 2013
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Day-of info:

If you are on the list, that means you have a table reserved. We will work to accomodate seating reservation requests, but it is still open seating. Please show up promptly at 11:00 am to sign-in and get a good spot. Anyone on the list that arrives after 11:30 risks losing their table reservation.

If you are not on the list, you are "on a wait". Please arrive at 11:30, and we'll find room for you! As you can see by the line-up, we are at capacity. Hopefully it will be nice out and people can set up outside! We ask that if it does get crowded, please be accomodating to your fellow zinester.

If you really want to be a gem, arrive at 10 am and help us bust a move setting up the tables so you can get first choice at a spot.

We open to the public at noon, so please try to be set up and looking good by then!

Here are some tips / answers to questions:

- Bring lots of small bills.

- We will have some catered food and drink, and there are lots of great little restaurants and shops in walking distance. UPenn campus has some great old architecture and green spaces, and it looks very pleseant in the fall.

- There is a photocopy place on Walnut between 39th and 40th, but I think it may open a little later on weekends...

- Try or for a place to stay, or maybe go on the facebook page and ask around if you need a place to crash. There are not many hotels in UPenn area, also referred to as University City. There are lots of hotels in Center City but they can get pricey. Street parking in Center City stinks but you can pay extra to be in a lot.

- Philly's Public Transit (Septa) is OK at getting you where you need to be, but it's not the greatest or most timely system. It can also get kinda ghetto at times, yo.

- Parking isn't too bad in this area, but you may have to walk a bit. Bring change for the meters. Meters run on Saturdays. Distros: if you have lots of stuff, consider dropping your items off at the Rotunda and then going to find parking, particularly if you've got a person with you helping.

- Bring appropriate clothes for the temperature. The Rotunda is a very old building and doesn't have the best heat or AC. But that's why we love it, it's very "Philly"!

- There are some wall outlets for electricity, but FYI I think they are only 2 prong. We do not provide extension cords. I don't think the Rotunda offers free wi-fi at this time, I could be wrong.

- We are not having any guest speakers or workshops this year. We will do some raffles, trivia, and other fun things to keep the day going. If you want to do an impromptu workshop/discussion, we usually have a common area you can use depending on how booked we are.

- This year we are continuing into the evening with bands at the Rotunda, line--up coming soon. Stay and hang out!

- This year's DJ is DJ Autocrat, and maybe Paul Panzer (he did the past few years). Don't be shy. Feel free to talk to them and make requests! Also, if it's nice out, WKDU will be DJ'ing outside to help bring in foot traffic. Be sure to talk to them and thank them so they don't get too lonely outside!