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2012 Participants! Here we go!!!

Kenneth R.
Mostly frivolous personal zines featuring comics with talking coffee cups and philosophizing insects, and musings about awesome 1980s sitcom crossovers that never were.
Bangarang This
Bangarang Photography
Bangarang This is a comp zine by two queer bots living in the NYC area. It is a mix of photos, personal stories, lists, feminist issues, social topics and opinions. We also have a color photo zine which is a collection of our favorite photos documenting the 2011 NYC SlutWalk.
Telegram zine
Maranda Elizabeth
I write primarily about mental health, self-care, finding & making (a) home(s), writing & creativity, and genderqueerosity. I like documenting my daily adventures and sharing ridiculously personal information.
A per-zine about growing up with rheumatoid arthritis and being a librarian. "Tributaries" focuses on how being differently abled affects one's romantic relationships, employment possibilities, and adult-sized tricycle purchases.
we'll never have paris
andria alefhi
"We'll Never Have Paris" zine. Nonfiction memoir submission based literary zine. I sold at PZF in 2009.
Wooden shoe
Lia Belardo
Wooden shoe
A humorous, straightforward, and informative perzine about what it's like to be Deaf. In her zine, Kerri writes about the story of her hearing loss, how it affects her relationships with others, tips for hearing people on how to be a better ally to deaf folks, and much more.
Sub Rosa
Taryn Hipp
Sub Rosa is a perzine written by an heavily-tattooed, old lady college student with two years sober, a love of lord of the rings, punk rock & feminism.
Urban Buzz
Ned Hugar
"Urban Buzz" is an independent comic about a gay intercity beekeeper, his friends and love life.
Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot!
Tom Dewing
Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot! is a collection of comics from everyday life that goes on between friends, family, pets, strangers, etc. It likes to take typical dialog and point out the humor within it.
patrokolos projects
Caleb Nolen
I make multiple one shot personal zines (six letters addressed to you, the discovery of the zewa, etc.) as well as an 'anarchist personal ad' poster series and a few other miscellaneous things.
Full Sanction/Dirt Worst
Rusty Rowley
Rusty and Joe have been turning magical dreams into printed reality for over 14 years.
Displaced Snail Publications // The La La Theory
Joseph Carlough // Katie Haegele
Joseph's having an exciting year in publishing. He'll have a few new additions to the table, including a fancy pants designer version of Johnathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, a new zine about record collecting, and a few old standbys. He's psyched to get it going. Find him online at Katie Haegele calls her zine empire The La-La Theory, and for this year's zine fest she'll bring the new issue of her language/linguistics zine by the same name. She'll also have copies of the food-themed zine she made with Joseph Carlough of Displaced Snail -- which includes recipes for hot sauce! -- and she plans to have a few other tricks up her sleeve as well. She's online at
Eel Choy
Eel Choy
Eel Choy (FKA Ed Choy) is a cartoonist and illustrator. Her recent work include a Risograph-printed comic book of James Joyce stories. Frank Santoro called it "a beaut of a book" for his New Talent Showcase feature at The Comics Journal. Find Eel's work at and
Grrrls Write
Adriana Muriella
Grrrls Write is a non-profit feminist collective zine, dedicated to providing an outlet for all people to submit their writing, art, or photography. The aim is to cover all different perspectives and topics that are not usually mentioned, by people who are often not heard.
dave gunn
Abrasive disaster zines from the 'hood of upstate New York with an emphasis on reality, ugliness, the vegan straightedge, and DIY.
Corina Dross Artwork
Corina Dross
zine called PANIC and some feminist/mental health zines. Also, cheap artwork.
Homos in Herstory
Elvis Bakaitis
I do a zine called "Homos in Herstory," about queer history in the 20th century. Comics and such!
The Epic of Gilgamesh & Zine City Comics
The Epic of Gilgamesh is a comic retelling of the ancient Sumerian story. Zine City Comics is a miscellany of comics about existential phenomenology told through creatures lives.
Crust Dog
Anthony Sorge
Mini comics about punk rock, man-eating dogs, dysfunctional marriages, horrific animal shelters, and the tension between domesticity and wildness.
Henry's Trashcan
Walter Foley
Flash fiction and whatever-whatever. Common topics include: animals, beasties, talkin' betwixt batty folk, arguin', doctors, naughty bits, atheism, space casers, rock and roll.
The Well-Dressed Bear
Jarod Rosello
My mini-comics, zines, and fiction deal mostly with borderland identities or pedagogy and education. Sometimes both.
Silent City Distro
Jeremy! Gardner
Silent City Distro is an infoshop and studio space in Ithaca NY, providing resources for self-publishing and zine distribution.
Straight Tripping
Corey Bechelli
Comics in black & white and color. Comics with words and without words. Comics about evolution and the universe.
Gender EDGE art collective
Jessy Brody
Gender EDGE anthology & Our Brains no. 8 is a collection of material from Gender EDGE members and supporters - pieces from trans/queer artists (mostly) in Philly and Baltimore. I'll also be bringing my almost-ready zine That's Me!, which is about Velvet Goldmine and my own queerness. There may also be other Gender EDGE anthologies and perhaps a few more personal zines created by Gender EDGE members.
fiona bearclaw and connie appletree
witch punx personal mythological sci fi comix
Our Friend The Atom
James Cuartero
Our Friend The Atom has been a DIY collective of comic artists & friends since 2007. Based out of NJ & with artists contributing from San Francisco to New York, we are dedicated to promoting, trading & sharing the creator-driven art we love.
bibliophiliac zines
Three bibliophiliac zines by polianarchy will be available for sale or trade: "Dregs Hell," "Philadelphia Freedom," and "Beer Jawn."
I Love Soda
Rebecca Berkowitz
A zine about soda, and photography.
the carbon based mistake
marc calvary
the carbon based mistake was created 03.30.75 by marc calvary. it currently takes the form of books, zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake drinks from the poisoned well.
American Sweat Shop and Wizard Skull
Matt Crabe
Matt Crabe and Alex Duke ( ) grew up skateboarding the filthy, rundown spots of New Jersey. How this affects their art is a confusing journey into violence, perversion,and magic. The end result is a slew of distorted interpretations of what it means to be a young man outside of popular American ideals, handled with humor and crude finesse.
Minutes to Millenniums
Lauren Geiger
A perzine documenting the sweet and the sour, as I metamorphose and blunder in Allentown.
Nonetheless / Nevertheless and Dead Wrestlers
Aaron Weber
N/N is a perzine covering a number of topics each issue in the form of blunt personal essays. Topics so far have included, love, sex, alcohol, and premature baldness. Aaron's other zine Dead Wrestlers is about simply that, how many of his television role models growing up have died in strange and drug induced ways.
Permanent Wave Philly
Candice Johnson
We have a feminist zine representing our group Permanent Wave Philly. Our zine is a collection of stories, art prints, photos, recipes, etc.
War Wagon
Michelle Antisocial
Hey! My name is Michelle Antisocial and I write a perzine called War Wagon. Issue two (there isn't really an issue one, but that's another story) is all about shitty apartments with roaches big enough that you can hear them run across the floor and my experiences as an introvert touring across the country playing music and being lonely and hungry. Hooray!
Dirty Diamonds
Kelly Phillips
Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology based out of Philly. Each issue features local and international (semi-)autobiographical comics around a central theme. We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming issue about anything related to TRAVEL! The creators and editors of Dirty Diamonds, Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman, will be joined by two DD contributors and all-around rockstars Carey Pietsch and Cyn Why. Check us out!
The Pennsylvania Paths
Andrew Brasfield
A news, athletics and weather zine for Pennsylvania.
Resident Girl
Lauren Malamed
Resident Girl can't make up her mind. So, she doesn't. I write everything from lists to lengthy portraits of mental illness, but my secret weapon is dark comedic artwork.
Bobby Campbell
Bob Campbell
Writer & Artist for things suchlike: Weird Comix, Madison Underground Press, Maybe Logic Academy, New Falcon Publications, & Tric Zine
Revivalist Zines
Sarah Mae Allard
Revivalist Zines is a two-person operation focused on creating new lives for timeless subjects: feminism, sex, gender, social archetypes, anarchist politics, the private, the public, the commons, the truth. we not only self-publish zines, but create all sorts of hand-made and screenprinted schtuff.
Palilogy Zines
Scott Ziegler
Lighthearted reinterpretations of everyday life, pairing clip-art and drawings with original text.
A Thin Veil, Easily Torn
Bianca Alu-Marr
I am the writer of the Comicverse with artist Steve Peters, along with a poetry chapbook and some zines. I also will be selling awesome indie crafts that were a hit last show when I brought just a few.
The Comicverse
Steve Peters
The Comicverse is a humor comic about a comic book shop in space. It is created by Bianca Alu-Marr and Steve Peters, who won a Xeric Grant in 1996 for Awakening Comics and the Gene Day Memorial Prize in 2006 for Chemistry.
Breakfast at Twilight / Secret Identity
Erica / Trebro
Breakfast at Twilight is a personal/political zine about bicycles, fan culture, and mental health. Secret Identity is a zine about gender and sexual identity. Together, they fight crime!
Carnival Grotesque
I'm a fine/alternative artist. I keep attempting to write a zine but failing miserably. So even if it doesn't make it I still have super cool, kind of creepy, awesomely cute art for sale.
Ninjas Don't Knit
Chris Grillo
Ninjas Don't Knit is a comic with characters loosely based on the author and his friends. Special print-only stories will be available, as long as some of my other art.
Year One, List Zine and other comics
Ramsey Beyer & Michael Cantor
Ramsey Beyer writes zines filled with comics about her daily life. Her daily life includes being an illustrator, a nanny, a bike rider, a gardener, a dog buddy, and a twenty something year old trying to figure out her place in life. Michael Cantor is making his first comic zine in time for PZF. He is a designer, illustrator and musician and just moved to Philly.
ArmzRace Comics
Hardtraveling Hero
Often hilarious, sometimes sexy, occasionally horrific (re: politics--the scariest of genres), and always awesome, the ArmzRace crew offers reading delights for all kinds of interesting people, made by other interesting people. With titles such as Booty Call, ABCs of the USA, Why My Life Sucks, Cheap Shots and Cannon Fodder, our work is personal, political, pfunny, and powerful! The ArmzRace is a semi-collaborative effort to create comics, to learn, and to have a good time doing so. We welcome new collaborates with open armz.
waffles and coffee
Karen Martinez
Illustrated perzine about life and relationships in Philly with the addition of recipes, diy, tips, gardening, and other fun stuff.
The Soapbox: Independent Publishing Center
Mary Tasillo
The Soapbox: Independent Publishing Center is a Zine Library and print studio in West Philadelphia. Come by our table for a printing demo, purchase titles by affiliated zinesters, and learn more about our library, studio membership, and programming. We also welcome your zine donations.
yeah dude comics
pat aulisio
i make weird comic and drawing zines and i also publish anthologies all under the publishing name yeah dude comics. i have been showcasing at the philly zine fest for years now and glad its still going strong.
Fuzzy Femme
Sarah Demarest
Feminist mini-zine for women and girls; covers queer, womyn and social issues.
Ax Wound Productions
Hannah Neurotica
1. Feminist horror zine Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre. It has been around over about 10 years now, has a dedicated group of writers and readers, and a new issue will be coming out just in time for the fest. 2. I also make personal zines I'd have on the table which are all about my experiences with feminism, sexuality, art, death, and mental illness. (did I mention pop culture and a whole bunch of other subjects)? ;);) 3. I created ZINECORE Radio and have put a CD together of some of the best in zinester readings/music/spoken word/interviews. That will be with me as well!
Decades of Confusion Feed the Insect
Justin Duerr
Published sporadically since 1995, Decades of Confusion Feed the Insect has taken the form of small pamphlet sized zines and large six foot tall scrolls. It's been printed in editions running from four to 200 copies. It's an ongoing kaleidoscopic picture-story, part of a vast constellation of other stories, better seen in person than described.
Oregon Ave Octopi Softball
James Generic
We're a softball team of punks, radicals, nerds, and neighbors! We just put together a zine detailing what a great time the Octopi are and what it means as far as building relationships and why sports can be really empowering, especially to those whom might not have "been good" when we were younger. Plus a few personal zines from members of our team, poems, and history.
Quail Bell Magazine
Christine Stoddard
Quail Bell Press & Productions is a socially-minded artist collective dedicated to the imaginary, the nostalgic, and the otherworldly. It produces one regular print 'zine, Quail Bell Express, an online magazine,, a Virginia comics magazine, Comicality Magazine, and multiple special or one-time projects. Quail Bell's members are based in Richmond, VA, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, MD, but considers submissions from all over the world. Check us out at
Kali Gets Fired : A Zine Novella , also Childlike Empress and other titles
Raequel Solomon
I am debuting my mini-novella about a Goddess of Destruction who gets laid off and the ensuing chaos.
Anna Jurkowski
BLACK HOLE BRAINS is a mind trip of random junk: a mini comic/perzine full of crazy stories, ridiculous doodles and general nonsense.
Syndicate Product
Anita Michel
A (largely) compilations zine, with issues arranged around one central theme, like television, cleaning, comics, or hoarding. Solo-penned issues are generally annotated reading logs, or personal essays.
Letters Journal
Journal of poetry, theology, fiction, and theory.
Anathema Press
Of locusts and dandelions
Ryan Eggensperger
1RODHWY produces art and humor books which attempt to give voice to the persistent unease beneath the facade of contemporary society. 1RODHWY carves windows into the walls of a house filled with vermin.
3:00 Book
Public transportation satire and horror comics. Written under the pseudonym 3:00.
The Filth
Karley Bayer
The Filth is a full-sized Black and White zine from Baltimore. We like the gutter, madness, finding beauty in the commonplace, short stories, poetry, dubstep, creative souls, artists, comics, drinking, world domination...
All That's Left
Maggie Eighteen
All That's Left zine is an ongoing collection of non-linear pulp dystopian stories from the post-binary future, where the neighborhood is barely hanging on, the best prosthetic bodies are corporate owned, and tenderness is a gift. For fans of tension, cybersex, and the ruined earth beyond. Queer speculative fiction by a 90s anime cyberpunk-obsessed creep. For cyborgs by cyborgs.

That's the list, see you soon!!!